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Daisy Buchanan

Daisy Fay Buchanan is originally from a good family in Louisville, Kentucky. She is Nick Carraway’s 2nd cousin once removed. After marrying Tom Buchanan, a very rich man, she moves to East Egg, Long Island. She is the mother of a little girl. Daisy is a woman who likes to play with men (13,1.3), she loves to exagorate and extemporize. Most men are fascinated by her (13,1.5), and Daisy enjoys being the center of attention (15,1.9). She also hopes to be liked and popular among the men around her. She wants to impress men including Gatsby by using sophisticated language. She, for example, says: "The pompadour! You never told me you had a pompadour – or a yacht" (72,22f.). Daisy promises more than she gives and oftentimes does not tell the truth (18,1.29).
Charlotte as Daisy
She has a strong desire for love. Mainly for this reason she married Tom, instead of Gatsby. Since she did not know if Gatsby was to come back from Oxford, she did not want to wait for him any longer. Wanting to be loved is a reason for her superficial behavior and why everything about her is just not real. Especially with Daisy knowing about her husband's infidelity, it is hard for her to change her behavior. Sometimes it can even be seen as cynical. Daisy says about herself: "I'm pretty cynical about everything" (18,9f.). You can see that she does not really love her husband Tom and is not happy because of her near divorce from Tom (60). “Sometimes she gets foolish ideas in her head and doesn’t know what she’s doing” (96,25f).

Furthermore Daisy is careless person which you can see in her behavior when she has the hit-and-run accident in which Myrtle Wilson (Tom's mistress) is killed. Being used to getting young men's attention, she has learned to think only of herself no matter whether other people get hurt or not. Another reason for marrying Tom rather than Gatsby is because material things have a great importance to her. She was always “crying for a decision” (109,24) and wanted her life to be “shaped” (109,24). Tom was the one who bought her love with a $ 300,000 necklace. He can give her all the luxury Daisy needs for living. Even her voice “is full of money” (89,8). Nick says that Daisy's voice "couldn't be over-dreamed" (74,4). Her voice is "a deathless song" (74,4).